What is theophobia?

It is the fear of gods or religion.
Theophobia is defined as someone who has a fear of God, faith and religion. I've heard that atheists are theophobic. Christians, what do
Do you have other obsessions? Usually Theophobia is only one of several obsessions a person has.and may accompany a paranoid delusion disorder.
Certainly, such generalized “theophobia” among academics is far less common than is generalized hostility to atheism in the general public
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For definition at this stage we shall say that Atheophobia is fear of atheists and theophobia is fear of strong religious beliefs. This is
Theophobia finds a modern incarnation as the counterpart to something best called Atheophobia - the morbid and irrational fear of the
dare to offend their beliefs, then theophobia is justified. When well-funded religious think-tanks organise the corruption of educational standards by trying to force their crazy beliefs into
I say that theophobia is irrational, because there is no obviously persuasive reason to believe that religious belief as such has any more harmful consequences than lack thereof
Of course, some would dispute that theophobia is truly phobic. Religious belief does genuine harm, they would argue, and therefore, it is rational to be wary of it
"Theophobia" is a thinly disguised attempt to turn a philosophic position, atheism, into a psychological problem - ala xenophibia.
words, maybe "theophobia" is just a figure of speech.6.19.2008 2:06pm (link) NI:Anonthu, Christian faith may be recognized as falsifiable by
generalized "theophobia" among academics is far less common than is generalized hostility to atheism in the general public. For example,
Atheophobia is the fear to have an absence of God in your life.Loading... Comment 1 of 1 Comments Type in Your Comments Below
Because the development of theophobia is often directly tied to a traumatic event in your past, one that involved religion or God, the
unhealthy fear of God, known as theophobia, can lead to debilitating factors of every day life. In an ideal world, our fear of God usually results in most individuals
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theophobia, which is either a dread that God exists or a strong denial of His existence. But surely theophobia is rare, isn't it? Maybe not