What is technophobia?

It is the fear of technology.
An early example of technophobia in fiction and popular culture is Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. It has been a staple of science fiction ever since, exemplified by movies like Fritz Lang's "Metropolis",
during the Industrial Revolution, technophobia has been observed to affect various societies and communities throughout the world. This has caused some groups to take stances against some modern
Technophobia is the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers. The term is generally used in the
technophobias that are supported by research. * List at least three ways to overcome what might be called
David Hayes, "Technophobia? Fear Not!" - the answer is to embrace the future (a series of articles from the Kansas City Star)
Nancy Bourke, "How Technophobia Has Been Reflected in Films," (A 1998 report from Loyola College in Maryland.)
origins of technophobia-what it is, who has it and what causes it. The impact of gender is examined and the social and cognitive
Technophobia is a fear of technology (distinct from social convictions opposed to the use of technology) that affects 1/3 of the industrialized world
Technophobia is not a new term and technophobes have existed since the Industrial Revolution and probably for a lot longer in some shape or form
technophobia is finally taking its place as a key issue among educators, employers, and businesspeople. But there is a way to beat it.
The other form of technophobia is the one we call the anxious technophobe. Anxious technophobes experience more of the traditional anxiety symptoms
universal aspects of technophobia is that you feel as if you're the only one feeling this way and so you don't let on because you think
Now, I want to write about technophobia, which is a resistance to talking about computers or even thinking about computers. Although
fiction’s technophobia is Rudy Rucker’s Software. I happened to attend a reading by Rucker shortly before writing this review so I asked him for his opinion
Technophobia, is meant to suggest an aversion to, dislike of, or suspicion of technology rather than an irrational, illogical or neurotic fear.
Technophobia has been also studied positively in education sectors, where latest usage of technology has paralysed the motion of educational deliveries.
technophobia in fiction and popular culture is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Such disturbances have been closely studied by multinational companies
Technophobia is a serious disease in disguise penetrating rapidly in the world of gadgets. It not only creates psychological imbalances but shifts human nature from reality
Technophobia is a term generally used in the sense of an irrational fear. It is the fear or dislike of the advanced technology or complex
technophobia is not restricted to computers. In fact, technophobes can be uncomfortable with many forms of technology, including
* Technophobia is not a fear of the actual dangers of technology, such as job loss or the effects of screen radiation, but an
Technophobia has been defined in numerous ways, and the following, proposed by Jay T., are the most commonly cited ones: 1
technophobia that is important to keep in mind: * Technophobia means any negative psychological reaction to
Technophobia and self efficacy: Is technophobia indicative of a lack of confidence? 60 4
Technophobia in education: Is technophobia becoming increasingly widespread? 123 7
Technophobia: What is it? Does it exist? Who has it? 10 2 Technophobia and gender: Are computers ‘boys’ toys’?
technophobia of those wild sci-fi writers and B-movie makers is countered by the more optimistic outlook of those technologists who are experts in the subjects. One wonders which interpretation would
Technophobia!: Science Fiction Visions of Posthuman Technology is essentially a long polemic against what he terms the techno-utopians, those technologists who promise us immortality, plenty, leisure thanks
Technophobia is Conquerable! - Uma G. Gupta Dean, College of Technology University of Houston
Technophobia, like other phobias, is fear or intense dislike, for technology. It invokes a wide range of negative emotions, such as anxiety, incompetence, fear, stress and nervousness
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Hellmann's book, technophobia is defined as "fear of technology, fear of science, fear of change in general."