What is polyphobia?

It is the fear of many things.
*polyphobia - is abnormal fear of many different things * 2 years ago Report Abuse Julia by Julia
Polyphobia is fear of many things Aphenphosmphobia is fear of being touched That's the best I can do you for, you'd be surprised what phobias
Polyphobia is known by a number of different names. To find out more, click the one that seems right to you.
prejudice or bigotry remember that Polyphobia is equally intolerant, ignorant, hateful and insensitive to most of the world's cultures which have observed polygyny at some point, including today. That
To condemn polygyny is xenophobic, it is polyphobia and it is intolerant. Help fight polyphobia, please take a humane stand in defence of human
Mark my words: a few decades from now, polyphobia is going to be just as big a faux-pas as homophobia, but guess who was too close-minded to
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Polyphobia is the fear of many things. Research Polyphobia
POLYPHOBIA - This is the most impressive list from any single individual I've seen yet.
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