What is phallophobia?

It is the fear of a penis, esp erect.
By the way, "Jeff": what you call "phallophobia" has a grounding in reality. It's called rape, harassment, molestation and violence towards women. Of course you wouldn't think it's a big deal. After
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Phallophobia is usually caused by an intense negative experience from your past. But your mind can also create that fear seemingly without basis
you know your phallophobia is illogical. But it has persisted because your subconscious has attached the idea of an erect penis to all those negative emotions.
* Phallophobia: Fear of a penis, especially one that is erect (see also: Ithyphallophobia and Medorthophobia) * Pharmacophobia: Fear of taking medicine
phallophobia invades Castro districtby Thanks4voting ( SaveFreedom yahoogroups.com ) Friday Nov 11th, 2005 6:52 PM
Ithyphallophobia is a phobia that speaks about the fear of seeing, having or even thinking about an erect penis. This unwarranted fear
Ithyphallophobia is also known as Phallophobia or Medorthophobia; you can overcome this phobia with the help of a phobia specialist. Getting
Ithyphallophobia is very common but it is very less discussed in the world. Adults who have this intense fear wants to be freed from the
Phallophobia is the fear of a penis, especially when erect. Research Phallophobia