What is ombrophobia?

It is the fear of rain or of being rained on.
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In order to provide good information on Ombrophobia it is best to first understand what a phobia is. I will present some information on phobia below
"ombrophobia" is defined. General dictionaries General (4 matching dictionaries) 1. ombrophobia: Dictionary.com 2
Ombrophobia is the persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of rain.1 Phobias are an irrational, strong, intense, persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, or people
1) Ombrophobia is the fear of : Shadow Open space. Rain Darkness Forest. 2) Ophidiophobia is the fear of : Elephants Dogs Spiders Snakes Cats ...
Ombrophobia is the fear of rain. Ommetaphobia is the fear of eyes. Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes. Ophthalmophobia is the fear of being stared at
As will all phobias, the individual coping with Ombrophobia has experienced an actual trauma. That experience is then associated with rain and the threat of being rained upon.
Ombrophobia is defined as a persistent, irrational fear of the rain. It is of interest to note that this phobia is more specifically
Ombrophobia is usually caused by an intense negative experience from your past. But your mind can also create that fear seemingly without basis
you know your ombrophobia is illogical. But it has persisted because your subconscious has attached the idea of rain or of being rained on to all those negative emotions
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Ombrophobia is the fear of rain, and if you don't know the story, you don't deserve to know.
Ombrophobia Life is too short to refrain from eating jam out of the jar. * Gold Promise Ring
Ombrophobia is the fear of rain. Research Ombrophobia
Ombrophobia- fear of rain or of being rained on is not that usual because many people do not like this, but I was a little obsessive about it.
Did you ever know that Ombrophobia is the fear of rain? Or that Fred Astaire’s real last name was Austerlitz? A one-stop source for almost
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