What is homophobia?

It is the fear of sameness, monotony or of homosexuality or of becoming homosexual.
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arguing that "homophobia" was unscientific in its presumption of motivation. Some recent psychological literature suggested the term
Homophobia is not mentioned directly in any diseases classifications (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems)
homophobia" is used to describe a prejudice against one's own homosexuality. Contents -
Homophobia) were considerably more likely to experience more erectile responses when exposed to homoerotic images than non-homophobic men.
Internalized homophobia is thus a form of cognitive dissonance; the individual cannot reconcile the conflicting conscious or unconscious
resistance to homophobia is the International Day Against Homophobia (or IDAHO), first celebrated May 17, 2005 in related activities in more than 40 countries
The label of internalized homophobia is sometimes applied to conscious or unconscious behaviors which an observer feels the need to promote or conform to the expectations of heteronormativity or heterosexism
the latter term, he noted that "homophobia" was "probably more widely used and more often criticized", and observed that "Its critics note that homophobia implicitly suggests that antigay attitudes are best
The term homophobia is often used collectively with other terms denoting bigotry and discrimination. In a 1998 address, Coretta Scott
Although usage of the two words has not been uniform, homophobia has typically been employed to describe individual antigay attitudes and behaviors whereas heterosexism has referred to societal-level
and bisexuality as sexual prejudice – rather than homophobia – has several advantages. First, sexual prejudice is a descriptive term. Unlike homophobia, it conveys no a priori assumptions about the
Critics have observed that homophobia is problematic for at least two reasons. First, empirical research does not indicate that heterosexuals'
Second, using homophobia implies that antigay prejudice is an individual, clinical entity rather than a social phenomenon rooted in cultural ideologies and intergroup relations. Moreover, a phobia is
Homophobia is most dangerous when it serves as the justification for violent action against homosexuals. In recent years attacks on homosexuals have risen
Homophobia is the hatred or fear of homosexuals - that is, lesbians and gay men - sometimes leading to acts of violence and expressions of hostility
Interpersonal homophobia is the fear, dislike, or hatred of people believed to be lesbian, gay, or bisexual. This hatred or dislike may
Personal homophobia is sometimes experienced as the fear of being perceived as lesbian, gay, or bisexual. This fear can lead to trying to 'prove' one's heterosexuality
Homophobia is odd because it is based on views that are easily debunked, and which rely on strangely distorted view of ordinary gay folks.
Homophobia is so commonplace it often goes unnoticed, but examples such as homophobic Usenet tirades, the unabashed homophobia of Orson
Homophobia is widespread in America, far more widespread than most heterosexuals realize, and it is far more subtle, too. The
homophobia of one politician is responsible The reason that the famous gay "ghettos" of San Francisco, West Hollywood, Provincetown, Massachusetts and others have come into
homophobia, and how the heterosexual community is unaware of the price it is paying. The fact is that there are many more costs, many of them very subtle.
Homophobia: How We All Pay The Price is Warren Blumenfeld's analysis of this problem and why everyone concerned with the decline of civility in America needs to be concerned about it.
Robert Dawidoff is an excellent analysis of why homophobia is a costly problem and how America in general, not just the gay community, would benefit by ending it.
homophobia is a cultural value that has been well absorbed from the white man. Homosexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome
homosexual sex has encouraged homophobia that had its origins in in a complete misunderstanding of nature itself (the "bestiaries" of the early Middle Ages). Encouraged by political trends, intractable
It should be obvious by now that homophobia has its origins in ignorance. It is spread by ignorance, by repression, social conservatism and the alliance of church and state. It is self-evident
seeks to demonstrate that homophobia in the west is not the fault of the church, but in reality makes a pretty good case that the doctrinal
The history of homophobia in western culture is instructive. It tells us how, when we make untested assumptions, we can easily be led into
Since its introduction in the early 1970s, the term ‘homophobia’ has attracted a steady flow of academic argument about what the term actually means (Weinberg 1972). The standard dictionary definition
Homophobia is usually caused by an intense negative experience from your past. But your mind can also create that fear seemingly without basis
you know your homophobia is illogical. But it has persisted because your subconscious has attached the idea of sameness, monotony, homosexuality, or becoming homosexual to all those negative emotions
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"The term "homophobia" is often used inaccurately to describe any person who objects to homosexual behavior on either moral,
"homophobia," is technically incorrect. Doctoral student Bunmi Olatunji, lead author of the study stated that homophobia is not
although the term "homophobia" was useful in pushing forward the gay agenda in our culture, the term may be too limited in its scope today."
homophobia has come to convey, a powerful stigma is attached to those who even conscientiously oppose homosexual practices, thus silencing
Homophobia is an etymologically incorrect term which most directly denotes "an unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and
homophobia, as it is usually used, makes an illegitimately pejorative evaluation of certain open and debatable value positions, much like the former disease construct of homosexuality."
only one homophobia, which has been properly defined," in the the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) developed by the American Psychiatric Association. Breiner, an
The term homophobia is primarily used by people supportive of tolerance to homosexuality, to disparage people who are against said tolerance
Although the word was coined by a psychologist, homophobia is not a psychiatric term for a mental illness, unlike agoraphobia and some other phobias. There is no such thing as clinical homophobia, though
describe all disapproval of homophobia, believing that it is all fundamentally based upon this irrational hatred and fear. For example, gay rights advocate Scott Bidstrup states in a personal essay titled
Homophobia has legal definitions in some countries, for example in the controversial gay panic defense, a form of insanity defense, or in hate crime legislation.
Psychoanalytic theory has long held that homophobia was the result of repressed homosexual desires. Recent research has shown that homophobic heterosexual men showed signs of sexual arousal from being
The cause of homophobia in society has been widely debated. Homophobic beliefs and attitudes can be held by people independent of their sexual orientation.
The word homophobia is a neologism coined by psychologist George Weinberg in his book Society and the Healthy Homosexual in 1972. It
homophobia when it has societal underpinnings. Tips & Warnings * Men are far more likely to suffer from homophobia than women.
Diagnosing true psychological homophobia can be a bit tricky and takes some investigation. Following are some steps to follow to help diagnose homophobia and accurately asses the severity of a person's
Homophobia is a word that is thrown around quite frequently; however the true meaning of homophobia denotes someone who is debilitated by
Cultural homophobia is also called heterosexism. Cultural homophobia is spelled out each day in television shows and print advertisements where virtually every character is heterosexual,
Cultural homophobia is largely caused by social norms which dictate 'correct" sexuality. Sexual contact between women, and between men,
Homophobia is pervasive in this and many other societies. Because we are all products of our society, most of us are homophobic, regardless
Institutional homophobia is also called heterosexism. Institutional homophobia is reflected in religious organizations which have stated or implicit policies against lesbians, gays, and bisexuals
Institutional homophobia is caused in part by competition for power. Societies such as ours create scapegoats to maintain the status quo
Interpersonal homophobia is individual behavior based on personal homophobia. This hatred or dislike may be expressed by name-calling,
Personal homophobia (prejudice) is primarily caused by misinformation. As with racism and sexism, people are taught to be homophobic. Myths
Personal homophobia is experienced as feelings of fear, discomfort, dislike, hatred, or disgust with same-sex sexuality. Anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or preference, can experience
Personal homophobia is prejudice based on a personal belief that lesbian, gay, and bisexual people are sinful, immoral, sick, inferior to heterosexuals, or incomplete women and men
psychological aspects of homophobia, so there is less to elaborate upon. But, for the sake of our argument, let’s elaborate anyway.
with homophobia, in both of the two areas in which the tests were conducted, Ghana and Canada. In the case of this study, there could be many reasons for the
Homophobia has also been explained in terms of "homosexual panic," the fear of homosexuality in oneself. There is certainly belief in the gay
Homophobia is not limited to heterosexuals, but exists among homosexuals as well. Internalized homophobia probably results from the
Homophobia is often seen as an extreme form of heterosexism or heterocentrism, attitudes that privilege heterosexuality or consider heterosexual values as universal
Internalized homophobia has also been seen as the cause of high suicide rates among gay and lesbian teenagers. Homophobia in History
sponsored homophobia took place in 1292, when a "sodomite" was burned at the stake. page: 1 2 next page>
The term homophobia was coined by George Weinberg, a psychotherapist, and self-identified heterosexual. Taught to treat gay men and lesbians
* Homophobia is one cause of premature sexual involvement, which increases the changes of teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases
Homophobia is destructive to individuals, society and the planet and as long as anyone is oppressed, we will all remain oppressed. Definition
"Internalized homophobia" is not homophobia. The differences between diagnostic/therapeutic approaches to homosexuality are in the realm of different therapeutic responses. Therefore, just as there are
Homophobia is a unique form of a phobic reaction. Like any true phobia, when an individual is forced to face the phobic object or
homophobia" that seems to flavor the entire volume, there is little that indicates homosexuality as being anything other than normal. Since "internalized homophobia" is not a correct psychological term,
Homophobia, like any phobia is a significant symptom. In some instances it can be considered dangerous-such as in the paranoid psychotic. Fortunately, this latter form is not that common
There is only one homophobia, which has been properly defined. It is somewhat similar to what occurred 100 years ago when a diagnosis was made of Ague
homophobia are keeping them there, says actor Alan Cumming. “I don't think the people that go see films care that much,” the X-Men 2 star told the BBC
Homophobia affects people of every orientation, but it also has specific consequences for those who are not heterosexual. At school, many non-heterosexual students fear disclosing their sexual orientation
Homophobia is directly related to both power and sexism. Sexism is the belief that men are superior to women, resulting in prejudice and
The term "homophobia" has gained currency as a one-word summary of this widespread problem. Since the early 1980's, scientists attempting
mode of thinking is that homophobia is a defense against the shame or confusion that one could have feelings for the same sex
Weapon of Sexism, which is said to suggest that homophobia is another way of perserving the status quo. Claudia Card
Models 5: Homophobia in Gays and Lesbians 6: Is It Ever Rational to be Homophobic? 7: The Negative Effects of Homophobia on Gays
"homophobia" was defined as a negative emotional reaction (e.g., fear, anxiety, anger, discomfort) to homosexuality. It was measured by a questionnaire called the Index of Homophobia
A study that appears to reveal a major cause of homophobia was completed at the University of Georgia in 1996. 3 It involved 64 white
The adjective form of homophobia is "homophobic;" the noun form is "homophobe." The many meanings of "Homophobia" and similar terms:
The precise meaning that a person assigns to "homophobia" is often not obvious. Sometimes a person will switch from one definition to another in the middle of an essay or speech
The word "homophobia" is is even more confusing. This single word is hopelessly inadequate to cover the full range of people's negative
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"It's a tragic thing that the term 'homophobia' has actually made its way into the resolution," said, Jane Adolphe, associate professor of law at Ave Maria School of Law in Ann Arbor, Mich
Some are stunned at the speed with which the homophobia resolution has been applied to everyday life in Europe, despite its non-binding status. Of particular concern for Christians, Jews and Muslims is this
about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of Homophobia is available below. Symptoms of Homophobia - Click to Check
* As a general comment, I want to say that the issue of homophobia is not "just a gay issue", but a crucial one for all men and for any consideration of how to change masculinity
homophobia is also correlated with traditional views of gender and family roles . This connection is not simply about attitudes, but about the very
homophobia is tightly woven into young men's sense of self, peer relations and worldviews, and thus more resistant to change.
Homophobia, the fear and hatred of gay men and lesbians, is central to contemporary heterosexual culture, and heterosexuality is compulsory in nearly all spheres of everyday life. Gay men and lesbians
masculinity will not change much until homophobia is radically undermined. Tackling homophobia is therefore a key task for anyone concerned with gender and sexual relations. =
The strong relationship between homophobia and masculinity is also a factor in boys' and men's practice of date or acquaintance rape and other forms of sexual violence
This relationship between homophobia and masculinity is evident in the first place in boys' and men's relatively stronger allegiance to homophobic attitudes and emotions than women's. Males are more
ways in which homophobia is fundamental to other problems in schools to which energy is now being directed. One of the most obvious is violence