What is gelotophobia?

It is the fear of being laughed at.
Gelotophobia is a new area of research. You will not find anything relating to this so far, especially at an applied level (psychiatric,
Gelotophobia and how it has affected their lives. This will be done in the strictest confidence and in total anonymity. If you are interested
Gelotophobia is fear of being butt of jokes By Daniel Woolls Associated Press Published on Friday, Jul 11, 2008
Gelotophobia Is Apparently "No Laughing Matter" =
the term GELOTOPHOBIA and described ways to treat this specific shame-bound disease: The Pinocchio Complex - Dr
is what the term gelotophobia means! Bergson says that these people are punished by society for being ridiculous. W.S.: So being laughed at is their punishment for not being sociable.
suffering from gelotophobia! The intention is to teach group participants to handle a peculiar and embarassing situation or behavior in an assertive mode
Proper assessment of gelotophobia is essential for both research and therapy. Initial identification of gelotophobes stems from clinical experience with these patients. Later those impressions were more
gelotophobia were defined (Ruch and Titze 1998). This was achieved by associating the constitutive nosological elements of gelotophobia with typical statements of gelotophobic patients:
gelotophobia (= GELOPH 46) was compiled (Ruch and Titze 1998) and used to explore differences between various clinical groups and normal controls
study assessment criteria for Gelotophobia were defined and an economic scale for the subjective assessment of Gelotophobia was introduced (Ruch & Proyer, in press-b). In our research group we
Gelotophobia is the fear of being laughed at, according to the Associated Press. Gelotophobia was a hot topic at a recent conference for the
criteria for gelotophobia were defined and an economic scale for the subjective assessment of gelotophobia was introduced (Ruch & Proyer, 2008)
"gelotophobia" is not the fear of gelato. It's actually the fear of being laughed at. What about the fear of not having enough gelato in
Gelotophobia is a debilitating fear of being laughed at, and doesn’t seem to have been studied extensively (if at all) in the United States
gelotophobia are described, and a model of specific treatment is presented. Keywords: Shame-bound anxiety, social phobia, gelotophobia, ridicule, Pinocchio complex, involuntary clown, humordrama. 1. Introduction
gelotophobia is to protect themselves from being laughed at by others. Precisely this timidity, then, opens up the risk for being the
of gelotophobia ultimately is the patients' pronounced sensitivity with regard to any kind of humorous remarks. Obviously, gelotophobic