What is francophobia?

It is the fear of france or french culture. (gallophobia, galiophobia)
Francophobia is an intense fear of something that poses little or no actual danger. While adults with francophobia realize that these fears
phobias like francophobia was less than 5%. Oh sure, patients made progress. But it was only incremental. And therapy took years, not months.
Francophobia is thus strong in the political groups that are at odds with French foreign policy: the State Department and diplomatic
116 Francophobia rears its head when the gang find out Lindsay is planning a green-card marriage to Guillaume, a fetching but arrogant Frenchman from her school.Queer as Folk: the ultimate episode guide by
"francophobia" is defined. General dictionaries General (6 matching dictionaries) 1. Francophobia: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition
American Francophobia Takes a New Turn = France, Europe, Diplomacy Justin Vaisse, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Center on the United
"Francophobia" will prove as long lasting and widespread as is feared. But there is no doubt that in 2003 France joined the ranks of
The mystery of today’s Francophobia is not so much its origin as its extent. It is evidence of the hired press’s ability to affect not only
Francophobia is a mix of political sensitivity and lingering feelings of cultural inferiority. The saddest thing about the cultural
Francophobia is rampant Sinophilia. As a widely picked up AP article reports, American children have begun learning Chinese as early as the second grade
And then say that the distorted obverse of American Francophobia is French anti-Americanism, which has been the subject of a number of books lately (a recent Anti-Anti-American book by Bernard Henry-Levy
result of francophobia was Hitler. This book was a waste of my time. And I would venture that the English
Francophobia is unhealthy. Then again so is Americanophobia. Face it. Every country has its own share of uneducated “bouzeux” and
American francophobia has a long history, although certainly not as glorious and diverse as French anti-Americanism, and not as defining of identity as British francophobia
I began to realise that this wave of francophobia had surpassed recent expressions of French anti-Americanism. Or rather, that it was different. Condescending stereotypes and misrepresentations certainly abound in Paris
in reply to Henry's Francophobia? This was typical of the productions staged by the company, all written by William Shakespeare, "Bell's in-house spin doctor".
American Francophobia is not all it's cracked up to be. Actually it's not even a phobia. It is more like an expression of extreme distaste or disgust
think the real reason for the latest outburst of Francophobia is embarrassment over the fact that the reconstruction of Iraq has been handled so poorly that the U.S. needs international assistance. It is
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Francophobia is to America what anti-Americanism is to France, said Justin Vaisse, a professor at the Institute of Political Science in
that francophobia has deep roots in American culture, Mr. Vaisse said. He compared it to a chronic illness, prone to recur whenever there is
''Francophobia is not a fair criticism of France,'' he said. ''It is a systematic bias against the country, a willingness to see everything painted in black