What is eleutherophobia?

It is the fear of freedom.
Eleutherophobia: Anarchist, the floor is yours. Nicho: Ok, but there has to be some kind of order for it all though.
Eleutherophobia: And without a centralized lead anymore, we cannot let this tension get in the way of our operations. Mathalos: No one understands each other's way of thinking.
Eleutherophobia: As Natasha has mentioned, I've at least a little bit of experience moderating these things, so if nobody is opposed, I'll keep the floor civil tonight.
Eleutherophobia: But really, that's all that was proposed. Nicho: Well, by council that is what I meant. Eleutherophobia: Indeed. Nicho: Right.
Eleutherophobia: Cads has the floor. Vinia: Hypothetical Situation: If Pace asks for 6 people to attempt a mission, who decides who goes?
Eleutherophobia: However, it is of no importance to our conversation of the issue at hand. Shinryu: That is something I think we can all agree on, Eleuth
Eleutherophobia: I believe that this viewpoint is no longer really one that can hold water. Narimiya: perhapse thats because you see your role as a job
Eleutherophobia: I believe what he was saying is that we're all different. Narimiya: once you cut through the crap we are both children of the
Eleutherophobia: I think that is the best situation, Beachhead. Nicho: It is. P4rv4ti: hear hear Beachhead
Eleutherophobia: If I may: who has any issues that they would like to bring up. (Ones that have not already been discussed ad nausium.) Mirmaker: I have none
Eleutherophobia: Is that so? Mathalos? Okay, thank you. Eleutherophobia: Either way, I believe we should begin. Perreguine: We're all ears.
Eleutherophobia: Is there anything more you would like to say, Mathalos? Mathalos: I have received harassment from members of your faction for
Eleutherophobia: One faction has already given me their voting results. Tenshi916: Heh. Eleutherophobia: Two. Narimiya: i tried to vote no
Eleutherophobia: Please, Beachhead has the floor for a moment. Tesma: Inactivity happens all the time around here Cadsuane: Oh. *waits*
Eleutherophobia: Right, I believe Cadsuane had something to say. Cadsuane: Uhh, yes. Depending on people's definition of 'council' it might not matter but...
Eleutherophobia: So what we need to clear up, in my opinion, is whether the machinists and the Cypherites will work as colleagues in any upcoming situation, or will be separate groups, only connected by
Eleutherophobia: Takuya, that is horrible offensive, and I for one, will not stand for it. Darkhawk1: *Darkhawk1 coughs *cough* Ehem *cough*.*
Eleutherophobia: That, to me, is the most useful part of this council idea. The ability to get things done would be very nice.
Eleutherophobia: The point of you coming was to give you a chance to state your case in the situation of working together.
Eleutherophobia: This is what we need to clear up. Often, as a machinist, I have viewed the Cypherites as a sort of weapen, as Ballak stated
Eleutherophobia: What I would like to hear is whether or not any of you have any plans for how you would like to see this organization structured.
Eleutherophobia: Which is exactly why we need everything discussed until we're all hoarse. GodTier: Whether or not what you wanna do is helping is another thing,
Narimiya: Eleutherophobia does not exist or is not online. Nicho: Nope. WE don't. Ballak: Sorry. But call it what you will. It just seems like to me now
fear of freedom (Eleutherophobia), which is suspiciously close to, and I fear often times in conjunction with a fear of female genitalia (Eurotophobia)
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Eleutherophobia is usually caused by an intense negative experience from your past. But your mind can also create that fear seemingly without basis
you know your eleutherophobia is illogical. But it has persisted because your subconscious has attached the idea of freedom to all those negative emotions.
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* Eleutherophobia is the fear of freedom. * Emetophobia is the fear of vomiting. * Enetophobia is the fear of pins
Eleutherophobia is the fear of freedom. Research Eleutherophobia PHOBIA -
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