What is domatophobia?

It is the fear of houses or being in a house.(eicophobia, oikophobia)
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treatments of Domatophobia is available below. Symptoms of Domatophobia - Click to Check
you know your domatophobia is illogical. But it has persisted because your subconscious has attached the idea of houses, home surroundings,
Domatophobia is usually caused by an intense negative experience from your past. But your mind can also create that fear seemingly without basis
diagnosis of Domatophobia, it is useful to consider what other medical conditions might be possible misdiagnoses or other alternative conditions relevant to diagnosis. These alternate diagnoses of
Extreme fears (phobias) such as domatophobia can lead to a variety of disturbing symptoms such as: Breathlessness; difficulty in thinking or
Domatophobia is the fear of houses or being in a house. Research Domatophobia