What is claustrophobia?

It is the fear of confined spaces.
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Claustrophobia (from Latin claustrum "a shut in place") is the fear of enclosed spaces. It is typically classified as an anxiety disorder and often results in panic attack
Claustrophobia is typically thought to have two key symptoms: fear of restriction and fear of suffocation. A typical claustrophobic will
Many experts who have studied claustrophobia claim that it is comprised of two separable components: fear of suffocation and fear of restriction. In an effort to fully prove this assertion, a study was
order to effectively combat claustrophobia, it is necessary to attack both of these underlying causes. However, because this study only
For Sigmund Freud claustrophobia is one of the phobias of locomotion, similar to agoraphobia. Its metapsychological status evolved along
you know your claustrophobia is illogical. But it has persisted because your subconscious has attached the idea of confined or small spaces to all those negative emotions.
Claustrophobia is usually caused by an intense negative experience from your past. But your mind can also create that fear seemingly without basis
If a person suffering from claustrophobia suddenly finds themselves in an enclosed space, they may have an anxiety attack. Symptoms can include: * Sweating
Claustrophobia is one of the most common phobias in America. Claustrophobia is characterized by panic that is a result of being in enclosed spaces.
Claustrophobia is designated as a situational phobia, because it is triggered by a certain situation. Causes of Claustrophobia -
When a person with claustrophobia finds herself in a restricted space, her body responds in certain ways. Claustrophobia symptoms can include:
the claustrophobia, which is why I was on the carpet...on the floor...with you sitting on my back, I've had some very different and positive experiences since April.
Claustrophobia has traditionally refered to a fear of enclosed spaces or confinement, such as in rooms, cars, aeroplanes, etc. Recent
Claustrophobia is an intense fear to closed spaces. The Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV, APA, 1994) classifies it
Claustrophobia usually has an early onset and is usually associated to the consequences of enduring an aversive experience in an enclosed space
claustrophobia with a significant interference in their lives Regresar a Claustrofobia Treatment components Psychoeducation.
The description of Claustrophobia that is generally offered is an intense fear of being trapped or confined in small spaces. The fear is
with other phobias, Claustrophobia is treatable. Diagnosing Claustrophobia Claustrophobia would be diagnosed under the umbrella term of phobia.
Who Suffers from Claustrophobia? Is there a Cure? Claustrophobia generally develops in early adulthood and is one of the
Dealing with Claustrophobia is very hard as the condition can be very disruptive and limiting. While avoiding small spaces may work most
Claustrophobia is an abnormal and unwavering fear of closed spaces such as a tunnel or elevator. Claustrophobia is relatively common and generally goes undiagnosed
Claustrophobia is defined as a fear of enclosed spaces. Like any phobia, the severity of claustrophobia can vary widely from person to person
claustrophobia, it is important to contact a mental health professional or your family doctor as soon as possible. Sources: Fact Sheet: Claustrophobia
My latest and most dramatic bout with claustrophobia took place in 1996. Traveling from the Sea of Galilee to Jerusalem, my husband and I went to a tour site in Megiddo
Claustrophobia is considered a "simple phobia" which most often develops during childhood and eventually disappears. However, if it
Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by irrational fear of enclosed or small spaces. People with claustrophobia often describe
Like all phobias, the cause of claustrophobia is not well known, though it can run in families. The signs of claustrophobia usually develop early in life during childhood or the teenage years
The name claustrophobia comes from the Latin word claustrum which means “a bolt, a place shut in” and the Greek word phobos meaning “fear”.
unidentified claustrophobia, and had to terminate the scanning procedure prematurely. 30% reported milder distress due to the necessity to lie in a confined space for a long time
Claustrophobia, like all phobias, is classified by the medical establishment as an anxiety disorder. When a person suffering from
Claustrophobia is a fairly mysterious disorder. It doesn't appear in the annals of medicine until the 1870s. A French physician working in
Some psychologists claim that claustrophobia is rooted in the birth process. Emerging from the womb can be tricky. Even the most routine
Claustrophobia is the irrational fear of tight or enclosed spaces-not so much the space itself, but the inability to escape from it. Serious
Claustrophobia is an intense and unreasonable fear of being in enclosed places. It seems to be a fear of not having an escape route.
When a person who suffers from claustrophobia is in an enclosed place he may experience some or all of the following symptoms: *Sweating *Fast heartbeat
claustrophobia is effective and usually brief—a matter of weeks, not months or years. The treatments do not involve trying to discover the
By This SourceCan Claustrophobia Be Cured?Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder that involves the intense, persistent fear of being in enclosed, confined and/or small spaces. Claustrophobics may experience
to Overcome ClaustrophobiaClaustrophobia is a very strong fear of confined or closed in places. In order to overcome claustrophobia, a
* Claustrophobia is the fear of being in enclosed places * There are several treatments for claustrophobia
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Claustrophobia is the fear of being in a small or enclosed space. Claustrophobia is classified as a specific phobia, which is a type of anxiety disorder
But regardless of the origin of claustrophobia, nobody is born with this fear; it must be learned. The good news is that any
Claustrophobia is usually described as a fear of enclosed places. A more accurate description might be 'a fear of not having an easy
Claustrophobia is a learned response to being in certain situations. A response that is powerful, uncomfortable, embarrassing, inconvenient,
have a strong claustrophobia element since you fear that is you have a 'funny turn' everybody will notice you and this could lead to you losing control of yourself.
Claustrophobia were just a feedback/noise album. Tanakh's goal of combining Song with Drone is a noble one, but it's been attempted more
Claustrophobia (retitled Serial Slayer for home video release) is a 2004 horror thriller written and directed by Mark Tapio Kines. The films stars Melanie Lynskey, Sheeri Rappaport, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Will
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Claustrophobia – Describes symptoms of claustrophobia and provides an overview of available treatments. (Better Health Channel, Australia)
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Before you take into account claustrophobia treatment, it is important that you know about the condition of claustrophobia itself. It is a
Claustrophobia is defined as a morbid dread of enclosed spaces. Claustrophobics sometimes describe it as a fear of closed spaces or fear of being closed in
claustrophobia is effecting my life. i will not ride in the back
recommend deliberate claustrophobia even though it is sometimes proposed as a treatment. Nov 3, 2008 9:37:00 PM
Claustrophobia is a fear of going into places it might be difficult, or impossible to leave when one wants and includes fear of being in a
Coping with claustrophobia - The main question of course is what can be done to alleviate the condition. With my vast experience with claustrophobic travelers I found out that
Claustrophobia is the directorial debut of acclaimed screenwriter Ivy Ho who has won numerous awards for her sensitive and heart-pinching screenplays. -
As with all fears, if your claustrophobia has not progressed to a disabling condition, you can learn to manage it yourself, by gradually