What is anglophobia?

It is the fear of england or english culture, etc.
The Anglophobia has seized violently on three members of our council... Anglophobia, secret anti-gallomany, a federalisme
Anglophobia took another form. Fleet Admiral Ernest King had been noted for his Anglophobic views which affected his decision making
Anglophobia is an intense fear of something that poses little or no actual danger. While adults with anglophobia realize that these fears
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Clearly, Anglophobia is not a joke. It is costing Australia something like an extra 45 million dollars forfeited every year. That is to say,
Anglophobia is known by a number of different names. To find out more, click the one that seems right to you.
Anglophobia is the fear or hatred of the English or English culture; its antonym is anglophilia. The word Anglophobia originated from the
Britain and the USA, anglophobia took a different form. Fleet Admiral Ernest King had been well known for his anglophobic views, which
Identifying Anglophobia has also been very beneficial to developing a more inclusive society in Scotland. Kenny MacAskill, Member of the
subtitle, "American Anglophobia between the World Wars," is misleading. It is too reductive since in fact the period covered extends to the Second World War and even a little beyond, with
Anglophobia was due to "the memory of the redcoats." (p.190) Less cryptically, it rests on the idea that the nation that freed itself
I am inclined to think that the reason anglophobia has been a little-studied phenomenon in American history stems in large part from its almost complete absence from contemporary U.S. society. Aside from
understand why anglophobia disappeared, it is necessary to understand what motivated it in the first place. It would be impossible to reduce
American anglophobia came in many varieties, and the reasons for its decline are just as diverse. For the sake of simplicity, I will place
Ethnic anglophobia was a more formidable force; in fact, there was nothing that the British themselves could do to allay it. Immigrant
Yet ethnic anglophobia was already beginning to decline by the 1930s. By 1935 more than three-quarters of the German-American population was
By the end of the war ethnic anglophobia had almost completely vanished. The horrors of the Nazi regime were enough to disgust even
The final variety of anglophobia is in many ways the most complex, and not only was it the most enduring form, but also the oldest. Its
Unlike ethnic anglophobia, populist anglophobia remained alive and well in 1945; nor was there any reform that the British government could enact, or colony to abandon, that could eliminate it
The other kind of factitious Anglophobia is that which is got up by the Protectionists. Protectionists and their organs always appeal to
writings would be charming to me if the taste of Anglophobia were not always coming, like the taste of garlic in Italian cookery, to offend the palate of the English reader
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indistinguishable Anglophobia Virus is reaching into once safe, stabilized regions of the planet and destabilizing is what I would call torching 9-10,000 cars in France a bit destabilizing